How To Lose Weight Quickly Safely And Effectively

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How To Lose Weight Quickly, Safely And Effectively

how to lose weight quicklyIf you're into the latest fad diets or are looking for a quick fix to your weight problems, you may not want to hear this. I'm going to tell you how to lose weight quickly but you must keep one thing in mind... quickly is a subjective term. Quick for one person might mean a day while for another it could mean within a couple of months.

The very best way to lose weight quickly is by going about your weight loss efforts the right way, not by trying the latest trick or technique on the market. Most people who want fast results complain that following the tried and proven weight loss principles take too long. Why waste your time losing a measly 2 pounds a week when you could drink a super-special juice and lose 10 pounds in that same week?

On the surface that may seem logical. But losing weight is no different than anything else in life... if something seems too good to be true, most likely it is. The problem with diets that promise huge amounts of weight loss in a short time period is that you're not losing fat when you follow them - at least not much. What you're losing is water and muscle and perhaps a tiny amount of fat.

I think anyone who wants to lose weight would say that body fat is what they actually want to lose. After all, lean muscle takes up much less space than fat and makes you look great. And, we all need water to live and function properly. Our bodies are made up of more water than anything else. So, if you want to look and feel fantastic after losing weight, you need to go about it the right way and lose mostly fat from your efforts.

So what is quickly when it comes to fat loss? Aim for a pound or two each week. Yes, it will take some time to lose as much as you want, but when you lose primarily fat instead of muscle and water you actually look a lot thinner. By going at it slowly and doing it the right way, you'll be much less likely to gain it all back when your diet is finished. You might even enjoy your new habits and continue them on for a lifetime.

So back to the original question... how to lose weight quickly. Cut back on calories if you're overeating now. Get rid of the junk food including products containing white flour, sugar and excess salt. Stock up on fruits, veggies, lean proteins, etc. Start working out with weights and get in some cardiovascular activities too. Any good weight loss plan will explain in detail how to do all of these things. But it really doesn't need to be difficult... you just need to combine proper eating with strength training and cardio each and every week.

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